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Take the guess work out of eating clean and losing weight. LifeStyle meal plans designed to assist you in meeting your body image goals. Meal plans that fit ANY lifestyle, food preferences and taste buds. Each plan consistent of 7 days worth of meal, with 6 meals per day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and an optional snack if needed. A 7-day meal plan can last up to 2 weeks by dividing meals up. (More info during online app demo).

Membership includes a free app from Google play store or iTunes. The app contains recipes, body composition log, goal tracking, access to a custom meal plan, plus ability to sync your Fitbit fitness tracker with the app to log your workouts and online fitness coaching. Select a new plan at any time to switch things up or cancel membership at any time.



One time signup fee $20.00 (nonrefundable)
Monthly fee $13.00 (auto drafted)
Free meal plan with purchase of studio or WebFit packages
Refer a friend that signs up get 1 month free. (Referral MUST mention you when signing up)

Customer reviews

LOVE the program! The app was easy to follow and utilize. The meal plans were great and I stayed full the entire week! I didn’t have to think too hard about meal planning! Made my life very convenient and I lost a couple inches! The app is something that I plan to continue using!! ~M.Watson

Love the app! It was user-friendly. It totally took the guess work out for me which I LOVED. I exchanged a few things because I didn’t eat some of the chosen choices like cottage cheese. However, I still was able to stay within calorie and fat range. I plan to try it for October to see how a month goes. I will say for me, having a print out would be good to post on fridge or use for shopping. Definitely, a good move now you need to get the workout video going.

I absolutely LOVE the program. It was exactly what I needed to take the guesswork out of what I could eat. I need that to keep on track. I also love shopping lists and the flexibility of being able to substitute foods if I don’t like it or if something isn’t available. I must admit that at first, I felt like I was eating so much but IT WORKS…I kept at it and I’m seeing the results. Overall I feel more in control, healthy and I love the variety of good tasty meals. I’m excited to eat now and try new things. I’m definitely making this a habit. I know I’ve said it a thousand times but THANK YOU LaMonica!!!

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